Sunday, July 18, 2010

September 2009

September was a GREAT month.... my sister Stacey and my nephew, Kayleb came to visit us for the first time!!! We had such a GREAT week together, although it went by WAY too fast! The month was also FILLED with SOCCER- big surprise, I know. This time Kamrynn decided to give soccer a go, and although she had fun during practices, games weren't really her thing. She had more fun twirling her ponytails and watching her teammates! She sure looked cute out there, though! Madi also began her first year in Cotillion, and we had an overnight visit with my cousins from California!!

Swansboro Soccer Tournament & Caiden's Fall Season Begins
We spent Labor Day weekend down in Swansboro, near the coast, for a soccer tournament. This tournament "opened up" the Fall Soccer Season for Caiden's year-round soccer team.

Stacey and Kayleb Visit
We were sooo excited when Stacey and Kayleb came to visit for a week!!! We tried to squeeze in as much FUN sister/cousin time as we could!!! We had a blast and cannot wait until they come back for another visit!!

Kami Does Soccer

This was Kamrynn's last game of the season. And this is where she sat the ENTIRE time. She REFUSED to play. I think we'll stick with dance!!!

Derrick & Timothy Visit
My cousins took a trip to New York, D.C., and Philadelphia, and made a pit stop at our house for a night before continuing on to Charlotte. We hadn't seen them since Christmas 2009 and the kids enjoyed spending time together. I even made a cake for the boys since it was their birthday week!

At the end of 4th Grade, Madison received an invitation to attend Carolina Junior Cotillion during her 5th Grade year. Here is a description taken from the Registration Card: "The Carolina Junior Cotillion classes are held in an atmosphere conducive to practicing self-control and good manners. Emphasis is placed on expressing respect for oneself and for others. Along with dancing, the classes encourage the children to observe small courtesies. Good manners formed early in life are those that remain with us forever." They teach basic etiquette and basic formal (waltz, fox trot, cha cha, etc.) and informal (Line dancing, electric slide etc.) dances. The boys and girls all dress up, and let me tell you- it was SOOO neat to see everyone looking even better than their "Sunday best". Fifth graders have their own Cotillion and the girls all wear white gloves. Next year will be a combined 6th, 7th, and 8th grade group. Here are a couple pictures from her very first Cotillion!