Saturday, July 10, 2010

May 2009

According to my pictures, May was a BUSY month for us!!! May wrapped up Caiden's first full Goldsboro Sting Soccer season which included a weekend tournament in Wilmington, a field trip to Bald Head Island to see the lighthouse "Old Baldy" with Madi's 4th Grade Class, Caiden's Field Day, a visit from some old friends, some new "toys", and the start of summer!!!!! Here are some of the "best of the best" pictures!!!!

Soccer Games and Seaside Classic 2009 Soccer Tournament in Wilmington, NC

Bald Head Island 4th Grade Field Trip with Madi
This was such a GREAT field trip! Tyler even took the day off and went with us. We had to ride a ferry over to the Bald Head Island to get to "Old Baldy", which according to Madi is the oldest and smallest of the NC Lighthouses. And we even got to go inside the lighthouse and climb to the top!

Caiden's 2nd Grade Field Day

Fun with the Sealock's
We met the Sealock's when we were stationed in England, and Robin and I ran into each other shortly after they had moved here to NC back in 2005. Sadly for us, they moved "home" to Georgia in 2006, but we were so happy when they came for a visit and we got to catch up with them and their wonderful family!!!

New "Toys"
What's more fun than a trampoline and Guitar Hero?!?!?

Slip-n-Slide Fun
Welcome Summer 2009!!!