Friday, July 23, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth!!! Disney World- Oct. 2009

I think every year since we've lived here in NC, I've wanted to go to Disney World. Something else always got in the way- mostly a shortage of funds. In January 2009, Tyler and I seriously began talking about going, especially after the wonderful people at Disney announced a military promotion SOOOO GREAT that there was no way we COULDN'T go and take advantage of the huge discounts they were offering us. I am so thankful for this promotion as it allowed us to splurge a little and do things at Disney that we wouldn't necessarily have done since our ticket and resort prices were so great! Our trip was FABULOUS, minus a couple things we could've done without. In doing some research and talking with different people, we decided to take our trip in October. We wanted it to be warm enough to enjoy the water parks, but not scorching hot. Well thank you Mother Nature for the RECORD SETTING temps that you bestowed on us during our week at the "happiest place on Earth". Seriously-record setting, we're talking High's in the mid to upper 90's in the middle of October!!! It was SOOOOO HOT!!! And the other "minor" thing we could've done without??? Poor Tyler ended up getting pretty sick only a few days into our trip. Although we never had him officially tested, and we really probably should have, we are pretty sure he ended up coming down with the H1N1, or Swine Flu, Virus. Yup, at Disney World. Combine that with the heat, and well, I'm pretty sure you can guess how his Disney trip was!! Poor guy was a trooper though, and between him and Caiden (who started not feeling well on the last day) we probably went through an entire bottle of Advil.

Now, part of the reason why I have procrastinated blogging is due to this Disney World post. Why, you ask? Because I have over 1000 Disney World pictures on my computer to sort through and pick the very best to share!!! Seriously. Over ONE THOUSAND pictures. Gotta love this new-age digital camera stuff! Again, the problem of how to present these pictures weighed on my mind. I have decided to tell our Disney World story in a Day-by-Day Slideshow format. Some days only have a couple pictures, one day has about 100 pictures, but on average their are about 40 pictures in a slideshow. So sit back, relax and enjoy looking at our Disney World Vacation pictures!!!!