Sunday, July 11, 2010

June 2009

June was filled with Dance Recitals, a neighborhood visitor, End of Year awards at school, a major haircut for another of the Eddy children, a trip to the theater, StageStruck Summer Camps, and our first beach trip of the summer!

Kami's First Dance Recital
Kami took a class with two of her very good friends, called "KinderDance 1" where they introduced ballet and tumbling. She LOVED it!!!! They danced to "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear", and just like her big sister, she absolutely LOVED being up on that stage!!!

Neighborhood Visitor
One morning Pepper started barking like crazy. Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window to see what she was barking at and saw THIS.....

....a DEER!!!! She walked right out of the wooded area in front of our house and made her way down the street!! We have deer in our area, but I never thought I'd see one in our front yard!

2nd & 4th Grade Awards Assemblies
Caiden and Madison had a wonderful 2nd and 4th grade year at school, and they both received numerous awards at the end of the year!! Tyler and I were very proud of all of their achievements!

Kami gets a Hair Cut!!!
Take a look at Kamrynn's "Guitar Hero" picture to get an idea of the "before". But here is the "after". And she loves short hair so much, we have yet to go back to long hair!!

High School Musical 2
One of the older girls that Madi has gotten to know from StageStruck is super, amazingly talented and was cast in NC Theater's production of "High School Musical 2". So of course we HAD to take a girl's trip to see her!! Hailey did a WONDERFUL job and we even got to meet "Gabriella" afterwards, which Kylie and Kamrynn thought was the coolest!!!

StageStruck Storyteller and Summer STARS
Last summer Kamrynn was FINALLY old enough to participate in her first StageStruck activity. It was no surprise that she not only loved it, but was a natural up there! And Madi continued her tradition of attending the two week STARS camp. The theme for 2009 was "50's music".

Perhaps our favorite summer activity!!! Kami learned to "Boogie Board" on this trip, and we discovered our new favorite beach... Topsail Beach.