Friday, July 23, 2010

October 2009

October had to be one of the BEST months of 2009!!!! It was the month we had been waiting for ALL year- two words- DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!! More about that in the next post, though. This "October" post is about everything ELSE that we did in October- Kami's first field trip, school projects, another night at Cotillion, and of course Halloween!!!

School Projects
Madi and Caiden both had school projects that they needed to complete before going on vacation. Madison had to choose a person from the Civil War period, make a poster board about him/her, and then dress up like them. She had to present her report to the class since we were going to be in Florida when the rest of the 5th graders would be presenting their "Living History Museum". Madi chose "Molly Pitcher". Caiden's project was to make some type of diagram of the phases of the moon. Both kids did a wonderful job and received 100%!!!!!!

Kamrynn's First Field Trip
The day before we left for Florida, Kamrynn's class went on their first (and only)field trip- to the Wayne County Fair. Tyler had taken the day off, so we were both able to go which Kami LOVED!!!


Halloween Parties
I made some yummy, "spooky" eyeball cupcakes for Caiden's class for Halloween, and then headed to Kamrynn's class to help with their "Fall Festival".

Pumpkins & Costumes & Candy, OH MY!!!
We decided to do things a little differently this year and paint pumpkins instead of carve. With all of the excitement from Disney, Halloween really snuck up on us and everything was very last minute! Just a side note- Tyler tried to re-create Caiden's face paint that he had at Disney. He did an okay job... but just wait till you see our Not-So-Scary-Halloween pictures... Caiden's face looked AWESOME!!!


JKLMNPeterson said...

Looks like October was busy and fun! Love the Halloween costumes.