Sunday, July 18, 2010

August 2009

August brought the summer to a close by squeezing in the last of fun day trips and activities, and began a new school year- to include Kamrynn beginning Kindergarten, a new season of sports and dance, and Kamrynn's 5th Birthday!!

Museums with Friends
My friend Missy and I, took my kids and her youngest son Noah to a movie and a couple museums up in Raleigh. The one museum we went to had a special "Pirates/Blackbeard" exhibit going on, and the kids LOVED it!! We had a great day!

First Day of Dance

Open House
The first day of dance also happened to be the same night as Open house. We went to Kamrynn's new Kindergarten class first and met her teacher, Mrs. Parks. We actually already new her as she was Caiden's Teacher Assistant in Kindergarten!! Next it was on to meet Caiden's 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Galloway. Notice there aren't any pictures of Madi with her teachers, because she ended up getting sick while we were meeting them and the poor thing threw up in the classroom!!! That should have told us right there that we were in for a rough year!!! :-)

First Day of School
Hard to believe I was sending all my babies to school this year!!! I had an especially hard time sending Kamrynn... was definitely harder on ME than her!! And after the first day of school, we always celebrate by taking the kids for Ice Cream!! They chose milkshakes from Cookout! YUM!!!

Kamrynn's 5!!!

Sharing Birthday Cupcakes with my New Class