Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who IS this kid?!?!?

Okay, so ya'll have seen me admit before my "perfectionist" tendencies... one of which has to do with my blog-posts. I like to post everything in chronological order, although even when my posts "post" and you view the blog, the order is a little backwards. So I am totally going against my "tendencies" for this post... but once again I am sooooooo far behind, and I just HAVE to get this post and these pictures up!!!

For the last year and a half, Caiden has been growing out his hair and sporting the "shaggy" look. We've had occasional trims when it's gotten too long and I couldn't see his eyes, but for the most part, we've let it grow! Tyler and I would've bet money that he was going to cut it last year during the summer, but NOPE he survived. I think it was mostly because he spent most of the summer in the DRY California heat and had constant access to my parent's pool. But regardless, he survived the summer and hot NC fall with his long hair. About a week ago, we experienced a heat wave here in NC. Caiden came in from playing outside dripping with sweat, and announced, "I think I'm ready to cut my hair. It is TOO HOT!!!" So I quickly called up our hair-dresser and made the appointment. Yesterday was the BIG day, and I made sure to take these BEFORE pictures....

Due to an extremely busy evening, I wasn't able to get AFTER pictures yesterday. However I took some first thing this morning after we styled his new 'do.

Caiden LOVES his new hair-cut and so do we!!!!!! I haven't seen his eyes and ears in sooooo long. My handsome boy is BACK!!!!!!