Friday, September 5, 2008

Kamrynn is 4!!!

I cannot believe that 4 years (and one week) ago, our baby girl, Kamrynn Jean was born! She has added so much joy and laughter to our lives. Kami is so full of personality... there's never a dull moment around Kami! And although I'm a little biased, she's smart as a whip, too! We all love her so much and couldn't imagine our family without her!

... and now.

An Eddy Family Birthday tradition... homemade ice cream! Our favorite?!?! Mint Chocolate Chip!

So for Kamrynn's 4th birthday, we didn't really have a "party". But we did have two of her friends over for cake, ice cream, presents and a sleep over! We went to an early dinner as a family at our favorite restaurant... Torero's!
Dinner at Torero's

And then headed off to Caiden's soccer practice where Kami's friends, Kristin and Kylie, were brought to us. Then we headed home to "party". My attempt at Ariel. Not too bad if you don't look at her eyes... they're a little scary! I'm not sure I want to attempt this one.. or any other cake with human eyes again!

"Happy Birthday to you...."

Kylie, Kamrynn and Kristin- I LOVE this picture!!!

Yay! A new book!

Ariel plate and bowl...anyone sensing a theme here?

After dessert and presents, we all watched the new "Little Mermaid" movie and the girls (including Madi, and even Caiden) all slept in the living room. Kylie fell asleep first, and then Kamrynn. When Tyler and I went to bed around 11pm, Kristin, Madi and Caiden were STILL awake watching Noggin! I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer (in fact they'd been closing off and on since about 9:30), so I handed over the remote to Madi with strict instructiosn to turn off the TV after the show was over. I didn't hear a peep from the kids until about 7am the next morning! The next morning, I made pancakes for breakfast, and then it was off to the bowling alley!
Mmmmm, pancakes!!

The little ones made it about 3/4 of the way through the first game before they were done, tired, and hungry. So they played in the playroom directly behind us, while Madi and Caiden finished that game and bowled a 2nd. A mid-bowling snack!

After that we took the girls home. Kamrynn had so much fun with her friends, and was so tired that she took a 3 1/2 hour nap when we got home!!!!
Exhausted after a night of partying! This is how Kami looked when we peeked in on her that afternoon... seriously!!

She had a VERY happy 4th Birthday!!!


Priemer Family said...

Too cute! Happy Belated Birthday, Kamryn!! Glad everyone had a good time. I loved the cake...nice job! I like Kami's tatoo too! You are so brave to do all of these sleepovers....I still haven't done one yet!

Mary said...

Your baby is 4!!! Craziness!! I'm still wondering how we got here!! I love the pics, she is too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Wow your oldest looks just like her Momma! Love Julie