Friday, September 5, 2008

Water Country, USA!

Over Labor Day weekend, Tyler and I decided to take the kids to Water Country USA up in Williamsburg, VA. This trip came courtesy of Anheuser Busch and their "Hero Salute". Just about every year since 9/11, Anheuser Busch has given military servicemembers and their families (well up to 3 direct dependents) free admission to any of their parks (Sea World, Busch Gardens, Sesame Place, etc.) once a year. It's actually a pretty cool deal, and the kids have been to Sea World twice (once in San Diego and once in Orlando) thanks to them. So anyways... I've been trying to convince Tyler to go to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg for the last two years, but he just isn't a real theme park (especially roller coaster) person. We almost went this year, but decided that we would all have WAY more fun at Water Country, since the kids love to swim and they LOVE the waterslide at the pool on base. So we loaded up the van early Sunday morning and headed to Williamsburg for the three hour drive.

Caiden looking oh-so-excited to be going to Water Country. He is NOT a morning person!

The weather was a little cloudy and rainy on the way up, and even for the first hour or so we were there. But then the sun came out and it was a perfect day... not too hot or humid! We all had soooo much fun together! And what I loved about Water Country, was that there really wasn't but a couple slides that Kamrynn couldn't go on. Most places have height restrictions and such, but with the exception of a few rides, Kami could go on EVERYTHING as long as she wore her life jacket!!!

Madi making a splash in the Kid Zone!

They even had a couple "family" rides that we could all go on together! Those were WAY fun! One of the funniest parts of the day was when we went on the family ride called "Aquazoid". It was one of those waterslides in a pitch black tunnel. Well, I convinced the kids that we all needed to go on it. The whole time we were waiting Kami kept saying "I'm not going. I'm not going," or "I'm not going up, I'm just going down.. do you hear me?" So then we'd have to pick her up and move her to the next step. I know, Mom of the Year, right? We even brought out the bribes, but made no promises of: money, cookies, a new kitten. She finally said she would go when we mentioned the kitty. This girl has a memory like an elephant (isn't it elephants that never forget?), so imagine my surprise when almost one week has gone by and she STILL hasn't mentioned the kitten... thank goodness! And then when we're at the top I notice that the people who just go on were already at the bottom, and I make the BRILLIANT comment to Caiden and Kami: "See look guys! Those people just got on and now they're all done! That's how fast this ride is!" I was totally meaning to show them how quick it would be over, not how FAST the ride was! Yeah, again, Mom of the Year. Tyler just rolled his eyes and told me how smart I was. So it's finally our turn, and we all get on... Caiden and Kami VERY reluctantly. And off we go through pitch black! It was soooooooo much fun... we were all (well, Madi, Tyler and I)screaming and laughing the ENTIRE time! Caiden had this look of sheer terror when I did see his face and screamed "NO!!" the entire time...even after we got off and were walking away. Remember... Mom of the Year. And I don't know what Kami did... all I know is that she was all smiles when we got off and said she loved it! Even now she'll tell me that was her favorite part.
Our mid-day lunch break in the van. We went the cheap route and brought a picnic lunch from home!

Their bums are so cute!

We crammmed all we could into our 7 1/2 hours there! Then, exhausted and water logged, headed back to the van for the three hour trip back home!

Tired after a long fun day!


Priemer Family said...

We always had big plans to do the freebie parks too, but only made it once...glad you are taking advantage of it! Looks like you had a great time...I'll give you my vote for Mom of the Year!