Monday, September 22, 2008

Kami, the Ballerina

For about the last year, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, although there were numerous answers (typical of any pre-schooler), the one constant was that Kamrynn wanted to be a ballerina. So this year, Tyler and I (well, okay, it was all me) decided to enroll her in dance class. Unfortunately, Kamrynn's debut as a ballerina was thwarted by Tropical Storm Hanna. She was so disappointed that she had to wait a whole week before her first class. Since TS Hanna, Kami has had two dance classes and has LOVED every minute of it. My favorite part has been asking her what she learned in class, and letting her put on a "show" to tell me. But the most classic line yet? When showing me her plies,

Me: Kami, what did you learn at dance today?
Kami: (heels together, knees out, bending down and up) B-A, B-A, B-A
Me: (stifiling laughter) B-A? Do you mean "plie" ?
Kami: No! B-A! That's what my teacher said, and we're supposed to say it like this. (demonstrating her B-A's again) B-A, B-A.
Me: Oh, okay. Well, I love your "B-A's"

Kami in front of the dance studio.

Kami is doing her dance class with her best friend, Kylie.

Almost time for class to start!


Priemer Family said...

She is just too cute...nuff said!

Becky said...

Oh how adorable!!! You'll have to get her on video doing one of her B-A's! :)

Mary said...

How cute!! I love how she is such a mix of you and Tyler!!Kiss her for me!!