Friday, September 26, 2008

California Adventures- Week 2, Part 2

Due to a last minute cancellation, here I am sitting at home on a Friday morning instead of being at work. So, since my house is (relatively) clean, I figured what better way to spend my morning then by finishing up Week 2! So here we go!

I last left you with our Saturday afternoon visit with Grandpa Tom. Sunday morning, Stacey, Kayleb, and the Eddy clan walked down to the park and some fun play time.

That afternoon, we headed over to the Hunter's house for a super yummy dinner!! Heidi is such a great cook... I always look forward to dinner at her house! And it was a lot of fun to catch up with them and let all of the kids play! I cannot believe that her daughter, Kiersten, is already in Jr. High! The kids all had a blast playing together. The highlight of the night, though, was when the kids brought out Kiersten's CD player, and performed for us. Even Mom, got in on the action when the "Cha Cha Slide" came on! :-)
Cha-Cha Slide

Madi, Lindsey, and Kiersten

Caiden using "The Force"

Caiden, Lindsey, Kiersten, Madi, Makenna (well, her picture anyways... she had already gone to bed!), Kayleb, and Kamrynn!

Monday brought a trip to the Sacramento Zoo! Everyone made the trip except for Grandpa who stayed behind to work on Stacey's truck. We had a great time together, and amazingly a lot of the animals were out!

Group shot! Caiden is being "chased" by the alligator.

Giraffes! I am always amazed by how tall they really are.

The kids kept waiting for the hyenas to laugh!

A rare photo of all five of us!

Tuesday, we all woke up nice and early so that we could get on the road and head to Lake Tahoe. My Dad had gotten us all tickets to Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Nights Dream" (kid version) at Sand Harbor. I think the show started at like 9:30 or 10 or something, so off we went! We made good time, and only had one minor hiccup.... right after we pulled into Sand Harbor, Caiden said "I don't feel very good", and then he coughed, and I knew what was coming next. So I told Dad to pull over and quick... Caiden barely made it out of the car in time! But he did, so at least we didn't have to smell it. We have since come to the conclusion that Caiden gets motion sick. So that was fun! He was fine the rest of the day, thank goodness. The play was good, but let me tell you... it was HOT!!!!!! That sun was beating straight down on us! We were glad when it was over so we could head back to the car, and find some water and some shade. We had parked by this great little picnic spot, with all of these big rocks for the kids to climb on, so we had some lunch, let the kids play, and waited for Mom, Stacey and Kayleb to arrive.
The Sand Harbor Theater is so cool! The chairs are in the sand! And the backdrop of Lake Tahoe is amazing!


Playtime on the rocks!

My three babies!

Gotta love the timer mode on cameras, but not as much as I love the goofy smile on Tyler's face!

Mmmmm! Oreos!

Grandpa with his kids!

Yay! Grandma's here!

After lunch, and the arrival of Grandma and co., we headed down to the beach. Even though the water was FREEZING cold, the kids still had a blast!

Kayleb, say "Cheese!!!!"

After the beach, we headed to "Fanny Bridge". Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a shot of all of the "fannies", but it's so funny to drive past the bridge because all you see when you look out your window is fannies!!! Grandpa disappeared for a little while and came back bearing yummy treats! I guess I know now where I get my love for ice cream!
Fanny Bridge
The gang (minus Tyler)


Kami loving her ice cream!

So that's the end of Week 2! Only one week left! I can't believe it's taken me this long to post pictures of our trip home. I guess I'm just trying to make our vacation last as long as possible! :-)


Priemer Family said...

How fun, Makala. I am glad you had such a good time and were able to do so many things and spend so much time with your family.

And, family photos...I am jealous that you actually got so many pictures of all 5 of you!!

emily & ryan said...

How great!! Your family is so cute! It is great to see your mom and dad in all those pictures! I miss the fun times I had at the Banas house!! I am glad to see that you are all doing so good!

Mary said...

GREAT PICS!! Your kids are so freakin' cute!! I'm so jealous of that olive skin!! What great tans!! I haven't had a tan that nice since I was in HS!! What a fun summer!! I miss your mom and dad!! Kayleb is a cutie!! He looks just like Stacey!! I'm glad you had such a great time!! Say hi to everyone. Tyler and you look so cute...10 years later and you still look good!! : )