Tuesday, September 2, 2008

California Adventures, Week 1- Part 2

After Mini-Golf and In-N-Out, we headed home. I really don't remember what happened when we got home, but Kamrynn had gotten upset with someone and went to "hide". Awhile later I began to wonder where Kamrynn had gone to, so I went to go look for her. And this is what I found...
Kami had crawled under the futon in my old room, and had fallen asleep!!

Poor thing was soooo tired, that she didn't even wake up when we pulled her out from under the futon!!

After I finished posting Part 1, I realized that there really wasn't much left of Week 1, except for the Boys Only Camping trip. Dad, Tyler and Caiden left the morning after we went Mini-Golfing, and headed up to the Sierras to spend a few nights camping, hiking, and fishing. They took Stacey's truck, and my Dad's little fishing boat that Nagypapa had given him. The boys came back stinky and dirty, but they all had a GREAT time! Some of my favorite pictures from the entire vacaction were taken on this little excursion, courtesy of my Dad. He and Tyler decided to let Caiden take a turn steering the boat, and well, just look at the pictures to see how it went!

These pictures make me laugh every time I see them! I love the look of pure happiness on Caiden's crazy, cross-eyed, dirty face!

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the Boys Only Camping trip.
Tyler and Caiden doing some male bonding.

One of the only things Tyler wanted to do in California was "REAL" fishing. He is not very fond of NC fishing. He caught the first 2 trout on this trip!

My Dad and his catch.

Tyler and Caiden proudly showing off their fish.

Mmmmm.... Dinner!


Anyone want to guess what is happening in this picture?

Look at those views! There is nothing like the Sierra Mountains!!!

Getting ready to skip rocks

Caiden and Grandpa

Playing with fire


I hope this is a busy posting week, so check back frequently! Coming soon... Kami's 4th birthday, Water Country, and California Adventures, Week 2!


Priemer Family said...

I love the pictures! Kurtis is always talking about taking the boys camping...so glad that Tyler and Caiden got to enjoy a "manly" trip and with Grandpa too, it doesn't get much better than that!