Tuesday, September 23, 2008

California Adventures- Week 2, Part 1

Okay, so I think it's about time that I wrap up posting about our CA trip, but alas, I still have Weeks 2 & 3, to go! And we were WAY busier during Weeks 2 & 3, than we were during Week 1. I'll try to keep it as brief as possible, but if you know me, well then you know that I really don't do brief. Let this be your warning! So, I think I'll start off Week 2, by posting my very first video on the blog. It's pretty self-explanatory, so enjoy!

The kids think this is a blast, and always look forward to cutting Grandpa's beard.

This time around actually involved a bit of a hair cut, too, which turned out, uh... interesting. Mom was able to clean it up the next day when Tyler, the kids and I took a little day trip to...

The Jelly Belly Factory! The Jelly Belly Factory is in Fairfield, about 45 min. away from my parents house, and they have FREE tours of the Factory! It's actually a really fun day out. I took Madi and Caiden back in 2003, when Tyler was deployed, and Kami and I went a year ago when we went home for my Dad's retirement/birthday. But Tyler had yet to go, so off we went! Despite getting a late start, and having to wait over an HOUR in line for the tour, the kids were very patient and well behaved. We all had a lot of fun, and especially loved our FREE bag of Jelly Belly's we got at the end of the tour! I highly recommend visiting, if you are ever in the area, but I also recommend getting there EARLY in the day so you DON'T have to wait in such a long Factory tour line.
Madi, Caiden, and "Jelly Man"

Mmmmmm, Jelly Belly's! What kind should we get?

Getting ready for the tour. Everyone gets those funny little hats, and you HAVE to wear them... factory rules!

See ya next time!

The weekend brought a visit from Tyler's Dad, Grandpa Tom, and his girlfriend Jeannie. We hadn't seen him since October 2005 when he came to visit us in North Carolina. He and Jeannie drove down from Reno, Saturday afternoon, and they treated us to a fun day of Bowling and dinner at Red Robin's!

I love watching Caiden bowl!

Madi and Caiden are just TOO cool!

Funny faces!

Once again, I am going to stop mid-week. It is just about time to get ready to pick up Thing 1 & Thing 2 (otherwise known as Madi and Caiden) from school, and then we are off to Stagestruck for "Velveteen Rabbit" auditions, where I will start my stint as one of three show producers! Should be fun! Hopefully Week 2, Part 2 will be posted in the next couple of days!


Priemer Family said...

Looks liek so much fun! We'll definately have to check out the Jelly Bean Factory next time we are in CA! Love the new pics and background too...you are too talented!

JKLMNPeterson said...

I love Jelly Belly's. I want to visit the factory too. I just love anything free and sweet. Looks like you had a great time. Isn't it great to go home.

JKLMNPeterson said...

My favorite candy is Jelly Belly jelly beans. I love all the flavors. I wish that I could have come. It looks like that you all had a great time.

Mary said...

Madi is gorgeous!! You need to watch out for that one!! I love the funny face picture!! Too cute!!