Sunday, March 22, 2009


We had such an exciting, albeit COLD, winter this year in North Carolina! Our first sign of "snow" was actually a week before Thanksgiving! It wasn't anything major and didn't even "stick", but it was definitely a sign of things to come for the winter.

We experienced our biggest snowfall yet, since living here in Goldsboro, this past January. It was actually Inaguration day, and the kids were home on a winter break, and what made this particular snowfall even more magical, was that Grandpa (my Dad) was still visiting from sunny California!!!

Being a California girl myself, I must admit that this was probably the ideal snowfall for me... GORGEOUS to look at, fun to play in for a bit, and melted away within 72 hours!!! I think all in all we received at least a good 6" of snow. The kids had a blast, and made multiple trips outside to play. You see, since we aren't accustomed to snow, we don't have to proper attire, so the kids would go out and play for about 20 minutes, their clothes would get wet, they would go from happy/smiling, to freezing, crying, whining FREAK OUT mode in a matter of seconds, we would have to run inside strip off their clothes, put on warm, dry clothes and pump some hot chocolate into their bodies. FUN TIMES, I tell ya! It is for this reason that I am glad we don't deal with snow on a regular basis, although maybe if we did we'd be a little more prepared and used to the snow! Anyways... enjoy the pictures from our Winter Wonderland!!!!


Round One... The snow was finally starting to come down pretty good!!!

Madi soooo happy to have SNOW!!!

I LOVE these pics of Kami and Caiden with their snow-covered eyelashes!!!!

Snow angels in the front yard. There was still a lot more snow to come!!!


Round 2.... There was a good amount of snow on the ground, snow was STILL falling, Tyler came home from work, and everyone headed out to play!!!

Kami's 2nd Snow Angel attempt!!!

Tyler taking time out from teaching the kids the art of snowball making, to pose for a picture!!

Grandpa building a Snowman!!!

Me, Dad, and Pepper


Our mailbox!!!


Anonymous said...

Love those pics....a lot more snow than when I was there! Like you,I don't like the cold for too long, so it probably was a good thing it snowed more when dad was there! Miss you all A LOT!
Love, Mom

Priemer Family said...

I can't believe I missed out on so much snow this year! I am jealous!! Looks like you all had fun and made the best of it!