Thursday, March 26, 2009


We were all blessed at the beginning of this year to have my Dad come out and stay with us for about three weeks. He timed his visit so that he could be here to watch the kids for mine and Tyler's anniversary, and also be here to help out while Tyler went TDY to Vegas for a couple of weeks! With Madi and I being sooooo busy with "Beauty and te Beast", it was GREAT to have him here to help out!

The really sad thing is, is that I've noticed that as my kids get older, I find myself taking out my camera less and less when the Grandparents are around. When they were little and my parents would visit, I'd snap TONS of random pictures, now I'm lucky if I get 10 pics of the kids with G-Pa and G-Ma. Guess I'll have to remember that next time they visit.

Thanks again Dad, for all of your help while you were here, and for another great visit!!! I am so lucky to have a Dad like you! :-) I love you!!!! Can't wait to do it again!!


Missy said...

You are SO very lucky to have a father like this! Most fathers wouldn't do this, so you are so blessed. I also, like you, forget to get the camera out when grandparents visit - the older the kids get (or is it the loss of memory I have?) - you're not alone!

Priemer Family said...

How lucky to get a visit from your Dad again this year! A perk of still being in the US!! I can't wait to have family visit us here!