Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paramount Gala

On February 14, 2009, the Paramount Theater had it's 1st Anniversay Gala Celebration. Back in 2005 the Paramount Theater burnt down a week or so before StageStruck's performance of "Peter Pan". It was a HUGE community effort to rebuild the theater. Last year, StageStruck was able to be the first group to perform in the rebuilt Paramount. So this year, they had a 1st anniversary celebration. Hailey Best is an AMAZINGLY talented StageStruck alumni, who is currently spending her Senior year of High School at the North Carolina School of the Arts. Madi has known her for a couple of years now and absolutely adores her!! Hailey was asked to perform at the Gala, and she thought it would be fun to have a couple of younger StageStruck kids perform with her! Madi and I were both THRILLED when she called and asked if Madi would want to perform with her! They sang the song "Practically Perfect" from the Broadway version of "Mary Poppins". I wasn't able to upload the video on here, cuz I guess the file is too big, but I did upload it onto YouTube, so you can see their performance here. This is just their dress rehearsal performance, as I wasn't allowed to film during the real thing. Don't you love Madi's shoe choice??? She's trying to start a new fashion trend... Crocs with dresses! :-) As you can see from the pictures, she had a different dress during the actual Gala as well. Liam, the little boy, was in "Velveteen Rabbit" with Madi, and is a great little performer, as well!!!

Madi, as "Jane"

"Jane" and "Michael"

Madi, Hailey, and Liam

Madi and the amazing Kate McMillan!! She was "Belle" and has been accepted at the #1 school for Music Theater in the country... Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. I'm sure her name will be in lights in the very near future!

Madi thought it was pretty cool, because she actually got to perform TWICE!!! The cast of "Beauty and the Beast" opened the Gala with the song "Belle". So she performed in that, and then ran back to change and get mic'd up for "Practically Perfect". What a great night!!!! Thank you Hailey, for such a wonderful experience!!!!

Backstage with friends before "Belle"

Warming up their BEAUTYful voices!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't get over how much Madi looks like you!
What a cutie!

Priemer Family said...

Congrats to Madi! What an honor to be asked to perform!! And, by the way, I love the shoes!!