Sunday, March 29, 2009

Caiden's 8!!!!

In the midst of BEAUTY and the BEAST, Grandma's visit, Soccer, and life in general, we somehow managed to find time to celebrate Caiden's 8th birthday!!!! Because we were soooooo busy (so busy that we ended up present shopping on his birthday while he was at soccer practice!!!), his celebration carried over into the next day. I always make cupcakes on the kids birthdays for them to take to school. However, this year Caiden had soccer practice on his birthday so I gave him the choice of cupcakes at school or after practice. He chose practice!!! And it was so cute because after practice I called the team over and told them I had cupcakes for Caiden's birthday, but they needed to sing to him first. I really wasn't expecting a bunch of 10 and 11 year old boys to agree to that, but to my surprise, on the count of 3 they all gave Caiden a very rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday"!!! After practice we headed home and had a wonderful Taco Bell birthday dinner, and opened presents. On Saturday we actually went out to eat at McCall's BBQ (Caiden's choice) and celebrated again with cake and Ice Cream! Even though it was kinda crazy/hectic, I think Caiden had a great 8th birthday!!!

The theme that seemed to surround his birthday this year, was Star Wars and Soccer!!

Yay!! Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie from Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Another action figure to add to the collection...

Caiden asked for a "Clone Trooper" cake this year. So this is my attempt....

I never could have done it without Tyler's help, though. I baked the cake, he cut and "molded" the Clone Trooper, and then I made and colored the frosting and decorated it!

Happy 8th Birthday, Caiden!!!!!


Priemer Family said...

Nice job on the cake! I love it! Happy Birthday Caiden! Can you believe our boys are 8 already?