Friday, March 27, 2009

Jump Rope for Heart

This year's "Jump Rope for Heart" event took place on a Tuesday, which meant I could go!!! Yay!! It seems like the last few years it has been on a Mon., Wed., or Fri., so I was very happy that I could go this year. And at the kids' school, they only allow 2nd graders and up participate, so this was the first year that both Madi AND Caiden were able to jump! Kamrynn tagged along of course, and had fun "jumping", too!!

Fourth Grade was up first, and I barely made it. I had to take my Dad to the airport in Raleigh that morning and rushed home as quick as I could to see Madi jump!!!

After Madi was done jumping, Kami and I went home to eat some lunch and "freshen" up before we headed back for the 2nd Graders!!!

Kami LOVED the Hula-hoops!!!

A BIG "Thank You!!!" to everyone who helped Madi and Caiden out!! They were able to raise $100 together for the American Heart Association, and they couldn't have done it without you!! They received their "prizes" the other day and couldn't wait to show them off!!!

Crazy kids!!! :-)


Priemer Family said...

How cute! I loved watching Austin jump last year, but lost my pics!! Congrats to Caiden and Madi for raising so much money!