Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

We were invited over to the Leggett's house for New Year's Eve. Pizza, "snacky" foods, and games were on the agenda. Kylie and Kamrynn were especially excited as they knew tonight was the night they'd get to exchange their Christmas gifts.

Kylie opening her present from Kamrynn.... Baby Annabell's bed.

I think she likes it!!!!

Kami opening her present from Kylie... Baby Annabell!!

Sooo happy to have Baby Annabell!!!

The girls!

After dinner, we played the new electronic Life. So much fun!!! Tyler and I liked it so much, we got one for ourselves!! Then the boys hit the new PS3...

Kami tried so hard to make it all night. She BARELY made it until midnight... I think her eyes closed the same time the ball dropped!!!

She woke up a little too early the next morning, so Tyler had her cuddle with him... next thing we knew she was out again!!!

Happy 2009 from our house to yours!!!!!!


Priemer Family said...

The pics of Kami are so cute! We didn't even attempt to let our boys stay was bedtime as usual! Aren't we mean parents? Happy New Year!

Makala said...

No you're not mean at all! To be honest... had we not been at Paulette's house we probably would've made our kids go to bed, too!

Mary said...

Poor Kami!! New Years was just a little much for her!! : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Makala,
You are so grown up. Sometimes it hits me and I wonder where the time went? Your oldest girl is a clone of you and your Son is a clone of your husband. Your youngest must be a combo!
Tell your Mom hello. We are getting ready to go too AZ for Stevens wedding. You can see photos on my blog. I will also post wedding photos. Love Julie, (Marys Mom)