Thursday, January 8, 2009

Indoor Soccer

The first weekend in December, Caiden and a few of his Goldsboro Sting teammates played in an Indoor Soccer tournament at Mt. Olive College. Although the tournament results were not what we'd hoped for (0-3... although that record does not do the kids justice and show just how close these games were and just how hard the kids played), Caiden had a blast!!! He really loved the fast paced nature of Indoor Soccer and being able to play off the walls. Once again, Caiden was more than likely the youngest player on the field... EVERY time. (His team played in the Under-10 age bracket.) This didn't stop Caiden though.... he scored TWO GOALS!!!!!!! We were sooooo excited and soooo proud. Here are a few pictures taken during the tourny with my early Christmas present.... a new Digital SLR camera!!! (Which I am still trying to figure out, so if you have any tips, please pass them my way!!!!)

Taking a snack break between games.

Me and my boy!


Priemer Family said...

Your pictures look great and congrats to Caiden! Austin just finished his season of indoor soccer and loved too, much better than sitting outside in the cold!!