Thursday, January 8, 2009

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice made it's annual stop in Raleigh the first week in December. As soon as I saw it advertised that they were going to be doing "The Little Mermaid" I knew I just had to take the girls. Especially Kamrynn, as she has been obsessed with Ariel for over a year now!!! I even let Kami wear her Ariel dress!! Caiden and Tyler didn't join us, because I think Caiden thought he was "too cool" for Disney on Ice. I tried my best to convince him, but to no avail. So Paulette and I took our girls and had a GREAT time!! Our seats were pretty good too, although most of the action was done facing away from us, but all in all we had a wonderful view, and sooooo much fun! One of the best parts was the "Princess Pre-Show" where they had all of the Princess dresses in a room on view for our Princesses to see!

First on the ice was "Cars". It was very cool seeing actual cars on ice!!

I love this picture of Kylie!! She is singing her heart out to Rascall Flatts "Life is a Highway"!!

After "Cars" was the part Kamrynn had been waiting for.... ARIEL!!!!

After a brief intermission, it was time for "The Lion King".

And last, but not least, was "Tinkerbell".

And what would a Disney on Ice show be without the gang!!!!

Before we headed home, we of course had to take a "potty break". Kamrynn didn't have to go so while we waited, we found this picture of Ariel that Kami just had to plop down next to. She's singing (so seriously) the "Tinkerbell" movie theme song! Love it!!!!!

We always have soooo much fun at Disney on Ice, and I cannot wait to go again. Although next time I hope Tyler and Caiden will join us!


Priemer Family said...

OH! How fun...last year I went w/ Austin to see HSM...this looks way better!

Jenny G said...

How fun! I can't wait until Gracie and I get to do "girl stuff".