Sunday, January 11, 2009


***DISCLAIMER: This post is going to be LOADED with pictures!!! There were so many greats one, I had a really hard time narrowing it down... there were at least a hundred more that you don't see here! So I apologize in advance, but I hope you enjoy our Christmas morning!!!***

It was finally Christmas morning!!!! This year, thankfully, the kids slept in a little more than the previous year. In 2007, we heard the kids (well Caiden and Madi) get up around 3:30 AM.... needless to say we sent them straight back to bed. They did much better this year, and woke up around 6:30ish. They were so excited to see that Santa had come and had eaten their cookies. Since they are always super excited and cannot WAIT to open presents, we always let them go through their stockings and open Santa presents right away.

Caiden and his new "Army Truck"

Madi so excited to get the "Kit: An American Girl" movie.

Kamrynn and her "iPod". She loved Madi's mix stick and was so excited to have her very own!!!

Madi not too thrilled with her new video game. It's a Wii game and we don't have a Wii. "Santa messed up," she said.

Or did he......

Woohoo!!!! A Wii!!!!!!!!

After we opened Santa presents and Tyler and I got some coffee, we proceeded on with this rest of our Christmas gifts. For the first time, Christmas actually lasted awhile! Madi was our "Santa" and she got one present for each of the kids and they all opened their presents together. Then she'd get another one and after that was opened, the whole thing would start again! It was nice to see them actually taking the time to really look at, and appreciate what they got before moving on to the next present!

Caiden with his new snuggly Wall-E blanket! Thanks so much Aunt Agnes & Uncle Peter!

The girls with their new cozy blankets! Thanks again Aunt Agnes & Uncle Peter!

Kami loves her "Fancy Nancy" books!!!!

New Magic Tree House books!!!

Madi's "Julie" American girl book collection is now complete!

Me & Madi with the necklace she made me for Christmas.

Tyler talking to Kami about his new Ping Pong paddles to go with his new Ping Pong table!!! So much fun!!!

So excited over "Kung Fu Panda". Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!!!

Kami checking out her new clothes. Yep, I think they fit!!!

Madi enjoying our traditional Christmas breakfast... Cinnamon rolls!!!

Surveying the damage.....

Kami and Tyler creating Kami's "Mii".

Madi helping Kami "bowl". Thank goodness for wrist straps!!!!

"Hmmmm..... what should I try first?"


Kami listening to music on her "Mix Stick".

I hope that you and yours were as blessed this Christmas as we were!!!!


Priemer Family said...

I love all of the pictures and am so jealous that mine still aren't posted!! Glad to see you all had a great holiday!

Mary said...

GREAT pics...looks like you guys had fun!! I miss you tons!!