Sunday, January 11, 2009

Soccer with a Pro

A week or two after Caiden's Indoor Soccer Tournament, we received an email from Caiden's coach about a one day soccer clinic in Wilson, NC. The clinic was going to be a full day of soccer with local High School and college soccer players, as well as two pros from the MLS... Wells Thompson from the New England Revolution, and William Hesmer from this year's MLS Champions, Columbus Crew!!!!!!! We asked Caiden if he wanted to go to the clinic and of course he said "YES!!!"

So on Saturday, Dec. 20, we all headed up the road to the (very nice) Wilson Soccer Complex. Unfortunately, Caiden was grouped with the younger kids and although we could've moved him up into the appropriate skill level, we procrastinated a little too much... but he seemed to have a good time even if he didn't learn anything. And it's not every day that you can say you played soccer with a Pro!!!!

Warming up with a little morning jog!!!

Practicing his "moves"

Perhaps the COOLEST thing about the entire day was when William came over to help with Caiden's group and told everyone to partner up. Well Caiden was the odd man out, so guess who HE got to partner with! Yup!!! They practiced passing for a good 10-15 minutes and it was soooooo cool that Caiden had an MLS pro as his partner!!!

William's autographing Caiden's clinic T-shirt.

Caiden and William


Mary said...

Who's William?!?! I think I need to come see Caiden play soccer!! : )