Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tyler's New Toy

Okay Mom... this one's for YOU!!!!!

So way back when we first moved to NC (five years ago) and I was pregnant with Kami, we knew there were two things we had to buy. Number one being a house, and number two being a new car that would accomodate our growing family. So Tyler, being the good husband and father that he is, let me get the new van. And he would once again drive the '93 Accord- which was now 11 years old, and after spending three years in dreary, wet England, was slowly starting to fall apart. We knew that once the van was paid off, it would be Tyler's turn to get a car upgrade.

When Mom came out, Tyler and I decided to go on a "date" and take advantage of a free baby-sitter. We decided that instead of dinner and a movie, we'd get a head start on the car-shopping. We had just sent off our final van payment, and with Mom at home with the kids, we could "shop" and test-drive without three extra voices all giving their opinions!!! We went out with full intentions of "just looking", and surprised not only Mom, but even ourselves when we came home with THIS.....

Well, we really didn't come home with the car that night... that's a whole OTHER story. Short version... it had to be delivered from SC since they couldn't find a local car with the color/options that Tyler wanted. Unfortunately Mom never got a chance to see the car and has been biting at the bit to see pictures... so here ya go!!!

Tyler not only LOVES his new car, but TOTALLY deserves it!! He has worked so hard the past 10 years to provide for us, and has sacrificed a LOT so that the kids and I could have what we wanted.

So I couldn't be happier for him that he now has a car he absolutely LOVES to drive!!! In the meantime, I'm already dreaming about what I'll upgrade to when this is paid off!!!! ;-)


Mary said...

Nice car! Congrats!!

Priemer Family said...

Congrats to Tyler!!

Love your new background and pics!!