Saturday, July 11, 2009

Easter 2009

See, I told you I was behind....

For the most part, Easter was very quiet and uneventful here at our house.. which isn't always a bad thing, especially where kids are concerned! :-)

We kicked off our Easter festivities with the annual egg hunt for Kamrynn at A-Day-Away (my work). Since Kamrynn will start school in the fall, this was her last Easter Egg hunt at ADA.

Kami and Kylie.... BFF's

Saturday night we colored our eggs. We had a lot of fun dye-ing eggs this year, and it was extremely evident how "grown" my kids are becoming. I think this was the first time that all I had to do was prepare the dye. Very bittersweet to see them becoming so independent.

I know Tyler will LOVE that I put this picture on here! ;-)

The finished products....

And in the morning the kids awoke to Easter Baskets that the Easter Bunny had left for them!!

Our biggest Easter week event was our new family addition. We decided to add (again) to our family zoo... but since our 2 dog combo didn't work out last year, we decided to give a 2 cat combo a try. We love our first cat Belle, but she is NOTHING like Zoe, the cat we had in England. Zoe was the friendliest, most tolerant, and most loving cat EVER!! She was like a dog in so many ways... whenever we'd take walks around the base in England she would follow us to a certain spot and wait for us until we returned, and would follow us home! Belle, on the other hand, hides out all day, and VERY rarely lets the kids hold her, and will only occasionally let them pet her. I was really hoping we could luck out and get a friendly kitten reminiscent of Zoe. So we surprised the kids one evening and went to go pick up our new kitten which the kids named "Tiger".

Tiger has been such a fun addition to our house, and so far seems to be MUCH more personable than Belle. Even Tyler likes having "little buddy" around. And Pepper now has her own personal chew toy. Actually, Pepper and Tiger get along REALLY well, and it's so much fun to watch them play together.

Belle, on the other hand, is tolerant of Tiger... but only to a certain extent. She would still rather not be bothered... but she's adjusting!


Priemer Family said...

Too cute...isn't it crazy how we punish ourselves over and over by adding to our "zoo"? Hope it all works out for you..I can't imagine a home without pets either!