Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fun with Grandma

It was such a treat to have Mom come and visit us earlier this year. We timed her visit perfectly (on purpose) so that she would be able to be with us for Caiden's 8th birthday, Madi's "Beauty and the Beast" play, and Kami's "Parent Watch Week" at dance! Her three week visit was jam-packed, and unfortunately flew by WAY too fast!!! The kids had so much "Fun with Grandma" while she was here, as they always do, and we cannot WAIT until Grandma (and Grandpa) can come visit again!!!

Madi and Grandma after a "Beauty" performance... LOVE this picture!!!

We had some more "Fun with Grandma" the night before she left, and took all kinds of fun and silly pictures...

Love you, Mom!!!!! Thanks again for a GREAT visit and for ALL of your help!!! Not sure if Tyler and I could've survived the "Beauty" weeks without you!!! And thanks for holding down the fort at home, Dad- love you, too!! :-)


Priemer Family said...

So glad you had a great visit with your Mom! My Mom is coming here next week and I haven't seen her in 2 yearsS!! I can't wait!