Sunday, August 24, 2008

To be continued....

So I am still on Week 1!!! And I apologize that you are going to have to read it from the bottom to top, but I can't figure out how else to do it! So find the post titled "California Adventures, Week 1" and start there! However, laundry and dinner time prep are calling me.... so I guess you'll just have to stay tuned!!! Hopefully I can finish Week 1 tonight, but it is our very first school night of the new 2008-2009 School Year... so we'll see! Hard to believe that Madi and Caiden are going into 4th and 2nd grades.... they used to be so little! Here they are, each on their first day of Kindergarten (2004 & 2006, respectively)!

Hard to believe that this will be Kamrynn in just one VERY short year!!!! New 2008-2009 First Day of School pictures will be appearing on our blog VERY soon!!!

But anyways... keep checking back for more CA trip updates! I'll have to admit that this is taking way longer than I intended. I'm sure it doesn't help that between my Dad, a camera I gave the kids, and myself, we took over 1,000 pictures during our vacation!!!


Priemer Family said...

I love the kindergarten flash back pictures, I might have to steal that idea! It is cute! Hope they both have a good 1st day!

Mary said...

They're SO little!! Addy has never looked so small to me as she did today!! Cute flash back!!