Sunday, August 24, 2008

Miss Madi is 9!!!!!

I managed to (barely) make it through Miss Madi's 9th birthday! That was the biggest event that took place during Week 1. Oh yeah, and my Grandma and Grandpa drove up from SoCal to spend the weekend with us as well. We started off Madi's birthday weekend with an All-Girls (plus Kayleb) shopping trip on Saturday. Madi and I hit the jackpot at her new favorite store, Limited, Too. Then on Sunday, Madi's REAL birthday, my sister, Stacey, told us about this really cool place called John's Incredible Pizza Place (or something like that), that was similar to Chuck E. Cheese, but WAY better. So we decided to go there to celebrate Madi's big day. Let me just tell you, this place was like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids! Talk about sensory overload!!!! They had this HUGE pizza, pasta, salad, dessert, etc. buffet, with at least 3 or 4 different themed dining rooms. And then they had the MASSIVE game room! They even had some carnival-esque rides.. mini-roller coaster, bumper cars, etc. We had a blast! It was a great way to start off her birthday.

Standing out front!

The whole gang enjoying our buffet lunch

Getting ready to ride "The Hopper"

And then stopping the ride soon after the start, so that Kami could get off! She did NOT like this ride!

Madi & Caiden getting ready to ride the roller coaster

The gang playing "Deal or No Deal"

Kayleb and "Uncle"

After John's Incredible Pizza, we headed home for presents cake and ice cream. We went a little crazy with the cake and ordered a big one from Costco. I think Mom and Dad might just STILL have some cake left in their fridge. The cake was HUGE, but very tasty, though!
New smell good lotion!

Disney Scene It

Madi and her 9th birthday cake!

Make a wish!


Priemer Family said...

How fun! That looks way better than Chuck E Cheese! Happy belated birthday, Madison!

Mary said...

9!!! That's worse than Kayleb being 2!! We're old!! : ( But Madi is beautiful!! Happy late Birthday Madi!!