Sunday, August 24, 2008

The REAL Miniature Golf!

Tyler and I have wanted to take the kids Miniature Golfing for forever, now, but all the places they have here in NC are soooo generic and rinky-dink, compared with what we grew up with. So we jumped at the chance to take the whole crew to a REAL mini-golf course!

We went the day after Madi's birthday, so I loaded up on Advil (remember... still sick), loaded up the two vehicles with all NINE of us, and headed to Golfland/Sunsplash. Although we had a blast, let me just say that trying to play mini-golf with a group of nine makes for a VERY interesting experience!

The whole gang!

Tyler helping Kami

Taking a break

Attempting the loop-de-loop

Caiden in front of the Castle hole.

Madi winding up.

Tyler and Caiden retrieving a lost ball

After mini-golf, we took our first of two trips to In-N-Out Burger. The second trip was necessary since I was not feeling so hot this first time around and I was barely able to eat anything. I managed to eat some tasty french fries, and a couple bites of burger. The second trip a couple weeks later was MUCH tastier!!!

The boys

The girls... and Kayleb!


Priemer Family said...

How fun, oh, In and Out burgers, Kurtis loves them! You and your Mom and sister look so much alike!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Makayla,
It was so fun to see your Mom and Dad in the photos. Your kids are cute and sweet! Love, Julie

Raeanne said...


Your mom forwarded me your blog. What a great site. Love the set up.

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Your blog is a wonderful tribute to him. You are so blessed to have such a great extended family!

Your kids are too cute. Love the school blog for the first day. How true on "our" homework. I went thru that last week. Stewart started Jr. High. YIKES!

Love to all,