Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kami's Parent Watch Week @ Dance

So, last Saturday was "Parent Watch Week" at Kamrynn's dance class. Normally for class, parents aren't allowed in the class. They have a "waiting area" for us to sit in. I was really looking forward to seeing everything Kami has learned so far in dance, and although Kami (and the rest of the girls) were too cute for words, I have to admit I was highly disappointed. First of all, class is supposed to begin at 9 am. Well the studio doors were locked when we arrived, and her teacher didn't even arrive until about 9:05. But here was the most annoying part- for whatever reason, the teacher couldn't get the CD player/sound system to work... AT ALL!!! So the poor girls had to do their entire class without music! And because of the teacher being late and the music not working, class really didn't even start until about 9:15 or so. So the 45 min. class turned into a 25-30 min. class. Bummer! I did manage to get a couple cute pictures, though, and let me just say that I am REALLY looking forward to the next parent watch week, when hopefully things will run a little more smoothly.

Kylie & Kamrynn... the Terrific Twosome!!

Jenny-Ann, Kylie & Kamrynn. Jenny-Ann is the daughter of Jennifer, one of my Bunco friends! Can anyone find Madi in this picture?

Tumbling portion of class....


Priemer Family said...

Well, even though the day wasn't as great as you wanted, the pictures are great!! Kami is so cute...I'm so glad she likes her class so well!

Becky said...

what a cutie pie! it looks like a fun program... minus the glitches on parent day!