Monday, October 20, 2008

California Adventures- Wrapping it Up!!!

I think this is it, people! I finally may reach the end of our CA Adventures tonight! So without further adieu.... So I last left you with our S.F. trip, and Kami doing a too cute version of Taylor Swift's, "Picture to Burn".

On Friday morning, Mom insisted that Tyler and I take off for the day and go do something. Being so far away from family, and being too cheap (or maybe is it poor, or maybe a little of both...) to pay for a babysitter, Tyler and I sadly never do anything by ourselves. It's quite pathetic really, but alas, it's the sad, sad truth. So it didn't take much arm-twisting at all for Tyler and I to go on a "date". We decided to head down to Old Sac and walked around for an hour or so. We ended up stumbling upon this miltary museum down there, and being military, we got in free. That was pretty cool... seeing all that old military artifacts and memorabilia. After that we headed down to this awesome restaurant that I think they only have out West... Chevy's. We ate outside by the river and had an awesome lunch, and equally awesome Margarita's! After that we headed home on a hot afternoon in a van without A/C. Talk about romantic! haha We headed straight home and jumped in the pool to cool off!

Later that evening we very hesitantly decided to head downtown (again) for Part 1 of our three-part 10 year High School Reunion. We had been going back and forth for months as to weather or not we really wanted to go, and actually extended our CA trip just in case we decided last minute to go. So off we went to this bar downtown, not really knowing what to expect at all. Talk about a time warp! It was truly one of the weirdest experiences.... seeing so many familiar faces, but at the same time faces that I hadn't seen in 10 years!! After telling each other that we'd go for just a little bit and then leave, we ended up staying out until 1am!!! The next morning it was time for Part 2 of the reunion... a picnic at a local park where families were invited. The kids were very excited to go with us and see some of the people we went to school with. It was another warm afternoon, and it was fun to see everyone again, and to see some new faces that hadn't attended the night before. It's crazy how even though 10 years have passed, some people seemed exactly the same. And even though we may not see or talk to these people for another 10 years, I think everyone had a really good time and were glad they went... I know Tyler and I were.

Saturday night brought a backyard campfire, and S'mores! Mmmm!!!
On Sunday, we were finally able to get together with our longtime family friends... the Olsen's! All nine of us loaded up (again) and headed to their house for an afternoon of swimming, and a super yummy dinner!!!! The kids had a blast swimming in Kevin and Julie's pool, complete with a diving board! I even managed to convince Caiden to take his life jacket off and jump! He had fun jumping off the diving board before, but once the took the vest off... he got crazy!!!! I tried to upload a video... in fact I've spent the last hour trying multiple times to get it to upload, and it didn't work. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. For now enjoy the pics of the kids jumping off the diving board!
Water fight with Julie!
Rub-a-dub-dub-Kayleb, Anthony and Kami in the tub!

Monday morning brought a final fishing outing for the boys.

Caiden actually looks happy to be up this early, which is a surprise. He is so not a morning person!
And Tuesday we packed up, and headed back to good ole N.C. I will never forget what Caiden said upon arriving at the airport and stepping outside (at 2 in the morning), "Man it's stinking HOT here!" And I said, "Caiden, welcome to North Carolina." Caiden decided that he wanted to go back to CA and the beautiful (not humid) weather. Hopefully that day will come sooner rather than later. We had an amazing vacation, better than Tyler and I had hoped for, truthfully. You know you had a good vacation when almost three months later the kids (and the parents) are STILL talking about it! Thanks Mom & Dad for letting the Eddy clan invade your house for three weeks... can't wait until we can do it again! :-)


Priemer Family said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time and glad to see the rest of your pictures! Hope you can all do it again soon!

Makala said...

Thanks, Christi! And to think... these really aren't even the REST of the pictures!!! I had to severly limit myself during these posts... we took so many it was ridiculous! I'm glad you enjoyed them, though!

Priemer Family said...

So...I was thinking...maybe you could show me some of the "rest" of your pictures on the scrapbook pages you are making for me!! (hint!)