Thursday, July 10, 2008

Look out world... here comes Kami Jean!!!

Okay, so it only seems fair that I do a blog entry for Kami Jean since I've done one for both Madi and Caiden. We have been having a LOT of fun together in the two weeks since the older two have been in California. Sometimes I think that she is getting a little bored with Tyler and I, and really wishes she had her Bubba and Sissy here to play with her. We have played more games of Memory, Sorry, and Chutes and Ladders in the last few weeks than I've played in the last year, or so it seems! We've made cookies and playdough, worked on learning our letters, read lots of books (her favorites is the Search and Find book), had our very first sleepover at our house, and even had two weeks of swimming lessons! Here are some pictures from our adventures with Kami over the past couple of weeks!

Learning to swim!

Kami's favorite part was jumping in! And she only jumped in ONCE while her teacher wasn't looking! Now that was fun.

Swimming lessons are over! Kami was very proud of herself that she passed the class and gets to move on to the next level!

Kamrynn enjoying some cookie dough... don't we all!?!


Maybe just one more lick!

Playing with the new Playdough we made!

Kamrynn & Kylie playing with bubbles.

Kamrynn & Kylie, Bestest of Friends!

Eating Root Beer Floats!!

Snug as two bugs in a rug! Good night!!

K & K playing with Playdough


Mary said...

She looks just like you!! She is adorable...I can't believe I haven't seen meet her yet!! That's so sad!! I miss you guys a ton!! Wish I could be in Cali the same time as you!!

kcacb said...

Yeah, for Kamryn! Congrats on passing swimming lessons! I loved seeing her blog too. Austin thinks that since you did an individual one for each of your kids I should do it for mine! We'll see! Love your new background...