Friday, July 4, 2008

Look out Hollywood & New York, here comes Madi!

Okay, so yesterday I said I was going to brag a little bit on Madi & Caiden since I'm missing them so much. Caiden was yesterday, so it's Madi's turn today. And I can't get this thing up fast enough... yesterday when I was talking to them on the phone and told them to go look at the blog, Madi said "Mom, are you gonna do one for me? When?" So here ya go, my sweet Madi-girl!

So far this year we have done three theater productions. In March, Madi was a curtain warmer for "Oklahoma!" This was her final curtain warmer performance, as she will FINALLY be old enough this year (4th grade!) to be in the "big" show... and there is no better time as the "big" show this year will be none other than "Beauty and the Beast". But that's not until 2009. So back to 2008... the curtain warmers came on before every show and "warmed up" the audience, singing "The Farmer and the Cowman". Here's a picture of my beautiful little cowgirl...

After "Oklahoma!" it was time for a whirlwind week when Missoula Children's Theater came into town in April. If you've never experienced Missoula Children's Theater, I highly recommend it, as it's always so much fun! And if you've ever known anyone interested in performing this is a perfect opportunity to give it a try! Check out Missoula's website and see when they're coming to your town!
So anyways, Missoula comes into town on Sunday, auditions on Monday, rehearses through the week and performs on Friday or Saturday! Madi has been in four or five of these Missoula shows now, and this time around it was "Cinderella". She was one of the mice.. and a very cute one at that!

We had a long break from the theater after Missoula which was filled with Spring Soccer! After soccer was over, and school was let out for the summer, Madi jumped right into her 3rd year of Stagestruck's Summer Stars camp. This has been so much fun for her the past few years, and this year was no exception. The theme was "Shake Your Groove Thing" and featured music from the 70's. It was so fun to see Madi learning and singing songs like: YMCA, I Will Survive, Night Fever, Joy to the World (Jeremiah was a Bullfrog), Celebrate, of course the title song, and many others! The two weeks of camp were capped off with a performance for all the campers family and friends! We were especially happy that Grandpa was here to see Madi shake her groove thing!

After her performance, Grandpa treated us all to DQ malts!!!! Grandpa said Goldsboro's DQ malts weren't as good as Sacramento's DQ malts... guess he's gonna have to prove it when we visit him in a couple weeks!


kcacb said...

I love the idea that you did an individual blog for both Madison and Caiden....we'd love to see one on Kamryn too! Hope you are enjoying your summer w/ Kami.

Mary said...

I love that Madi girl!! She was made for the stage!! She's adorable!!