Thursday, December 4, 2008

My little Block-head!

In case ya'll were wondering where in the world I had disappeared to, since my blog posts have been a little, uh, lacking lately... I spent the last the last few weeks of November entirely consumed by another of Madi's productions. This time around we were doing "Velveteen Rabbit", and I was actually one of the Producers!!! Although the last weeks of the production were HIGHLY stressful, I had a GREAT time and cannot wait to do it again!

The show was fabulous... we really had some amazing parents working behind the scenes to create a truly magical set, and even more magical costumes. Our toy room "come to life" scene was simply amazing! And the kids... we had some of the sweetest kids involved in this play! I am suffering from slight withdrawals, I think, from Stagestruck, and all of my new friends- young and old!!

Madi was one of the "blocks". All six of these girls were so much fun, and actually spelled out words by turning around and showing the different letters on their "block"! I am so proud of my little "block-head"... congrats on another job well done, Miss Madi! Now on to "Beauty and the Beast"!!!

Madi and her best friend, Mary Ella

All the blocks, awaiting their turn on stage!


Priemer Family said...

Congratulations to you both! Sound like a great time! Good luck w/ Beauty and the Beast!!