Sunday, November 2, 2008

Young Eagles

A few weeks back I saw a little blurb in our local small town paper about "Free Airplane Rides" for kids ages 8-18, at our small town airport. So I mentioned it to Tyler, and we thought it might be fun to take the kids. Yesterday was the big day. The event was sponsored by the Young Eagles, a group who's goal it is to get kids interested in flying. So after Kami's dance class, we headed to the Goldsboro Municipal Airport. The whole way there, I was hoping that they would let Caiden fly since the ages said "8-18", and he was only 7. We arrived and the kids immediately got excited seeing all the little prop planes on the flightline. We walked into the room to register and sign them up and sign the all important waiver, and WOOHOO!! they said that yes, Caiden could fly! After filling out the necessary paperwork, we headed to the flightline. Poor Kami, she really wanted to go up with the kids, too. And she kept saying, "I'm going up with Bubba and Sissy. I'm going in the airplane." She was quite upset that she couldn't go, too, but she was quite the trooper and a very good sport. We only had to wait in line about 20 minutes or so for the kids flight. The pilots were taking kids up three at a time, so Madi & Caiden got to go together. As we walked out to the plane, the pilot asked who wanted to sit up front, and Madi immediately raised her hand and said "I do!!!" We got to walk on the flightline with the kids and the pilot to take a couple pictures....

Walking to the plane

Caiden in the backseat, ready for take-off!

Madi up front, ready to take control!!!

After they got all strapped in, all Tyler, Kami and I could do was sit back, watch, and pray that nothing would go wrong!

It seemed like they sat on the runway FOREVER before they were able to actually take-off... but finally we saw their plane!

Arriving back to the airport on solid ground... safe and sound! Whew!

The kids had an amazing time, and Madi even got to steer the plane a little bit! They LOVED it and immediately asked if they could get in line and go again! I think one of their favorite parts was wearing those headphone thingys that they could talk back and forth to each other on! What amazed me and Tyler most about this whole process was that it was completely FREE!!! This was the experience of a lifetime for our kids, it's something that they will remember for a long, long time, possibly forever!! I think we may have a couple of future pilots on our hands!

**Check out the Young Eagles website to find out if they are coming to a city near you! **


JKLMNPeterson said...

That looks like so much fun. I totally want my kids to do it. Too bad most of them are too little and Jesse wouldn't like it at all.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! My heart was beating so fast wataching the videos and I wasn't even going up!! Good thing they don't take after their grandma on flying!!! (or any other adventurous outing!)Grandma's such a scare-dy cat!!

Priemer Family said...

That is awesome that the kids got to do that! I am glad you are taking advantage of "finer Goldsboro!" I wish we had had more time to do more while we were there...maybe when we get back!

Mary said...

FUN!! Kiss them for me!! I miss you too much!!

Gardner said...

That is really cool. I didn't realize we had that available in Goldsboro.