Thursday, June 26, 2008


TYLER MADE TECH SGT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so beyond proud of him!!!!!! It has taken much longer for him to make Tech than it did to make Staff, and he studied SOOOOOO long and hard for this test! He tested way back on February 29, and he just called and told me about 5 minutes ago that he made it!!!! He won't actually "sew on" his rank until sometime in Spring 2009, but at least we know!!!!
Just a note to let you know how difficult it is to pass these tests.... only 18% of all people who tested for Tech this year were selected!!! All of his studying finally paid off!!!



Mary said...

YEAH!!!! I know you've been wanting this for a LOOOOONG time and you and Tyler VERY much deserve it!! Congrats!! I am SOOOOOO happy for you!! And I am beyond excited that you have a blog!! We will be able to keep up so much better than we have been!! I love you!! Keep the pictures coming of your adorable kiddos!!
Love, Me

kcacb said...

Congratulations, Tyler...and family too!

Monica said...

Congratulations, Tyler!! That is really awesome news.

That is so cool that you have a blog, Makala. It'll be a great to see what you guys are up to in NC. Hope you are doing okay without Madi and Caiden. I'm sure they're having a blast with the grandparents.

Hopefully we'll get to see you guys and the kids when you're out here.